Help me analyse my fleet design. Or: Why did my fleet get wrecked?

Hey there,

I just got absolutely stomped while fighting an opposing fleet of equal strength of arround 40k in the year 2314.

Here is another album documenting my misery
At the time of the engagement the enemy fleets were arround 60k Fleet power, while mine was 57k (13/36/45/80). I'd would have been really nice to have more time to pump out ships, but the enemy had already conquered several systems and i couldnt afford to hemorhage energy to ship maintainance any longer.

After the dust cleared the enemy was left with just shy of 50k. That will show him!

I also split my fleet into two groups to use fitting admirals (as suggested by /u/Luuko) I guess in the end, I cant overcome a number advantage this huge. Nevertheless I tried, its now time to cede some systems and play the long game :D.

While we are at it, how good is an economy of +332 in minerals in the Year 2316?

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