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Gear-Check New Charge Barb, Really squishy, First GR70

Hello all! Now that you're here, stay a while a listen….

Been playing since Diablo (probably around '97), I've been having an absolute blast with the new season, I played vanilla at launch, but hated the auction house, Started playing again mid season 11, but after hitting 70 and getting to a GR40 I got busy with work and had to put it down for a while. Fast forward to November and I figured I'd hop back on the S12 journey and get trucking.

So I've been able to rack up about 411 Paragon and amassed a good chunk of my build's gear over that time. Last night I was able to successfully do a GR71, died twice on the attempt, but got through! This is the furthest into end game I've ever been. Played the entire thing solo so far.

I'm able to pretty much steamroll all of the world stuff in TXIII however I tried to do the Uber Terror boss last night at that level(TXIII) and because he spawns a second target the Furious Charge doesn't trigger the reset, so I end up running around waiting for the cool down, because I'm not spending the fury the healing isn't there, and the projectiles keep coming. Feeling really squishy without having damage being done via Furious Charge. (I suppose that's the build though) Is there a single/2-target variant I should be switching to before an encounter like this?

Anyways… i'm stuck at work till 5PM and just wanna be back at the grind. I do need to really do bounties, so I'm hoping I can get my gear in check and find some people to play with. I didn't want to be 'that guy' and jump in with some other people hoping to maximize there grind-time with a broken build. Maybe someone will have some suggestions on getting this more optimized and moving towards a higher GR clear.

Here is my gear! https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Okt-1710/hero/95503209

Also do people tend to do all the bounty farming on TXIII due to the amount of mats provided via the cache? Best way to do that is just to jump in a community and say "LFG T13 Bounties" ?? As i've been solo this is new…

Thanks much!

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