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Fix the god d*** Musa. Rework is a JOKE and its enough We need a real fix

Excellion and I are the only two youtubers (Even bringing in korean servers) SSM is another notable mention. Any other Musa youtuber/streamer has pretty much REROLLED and given up on the class. Musa use to be good but the addition have new classes and balance changes have plummeted this class to the toilet. It's time to listen to your community. Stop making changes to our class if you don't understand the mechanics of this game, Just listen to your players. I really hope all other musas also comment their two cents about this rework, because it's a load of horse s**t. The meta of how the musa use to play is COMPLETELY gone.

I'm so disappointed.

To sum it up This is what the Rework is. Stamina reductions, 5 second CD reduction to Crust Crusher, removed cd on the flow that follows up after Crust Crusher, slightly sped up Crust Crusher, gave forward guard on flow backflow. Raised base ap and evasion in pve, reduced evasion in pvp. Basically this "rework" is just a baby buff that will have no significant impact at all and they are still the worst class in the game. Time to go on another year break and try back again. According to a reddit user named "Killzacular".

"Stamina reductions" – I have a big big big big problem with this. You can reduce stamina all you want. In order for musa to play safely (Because Musas literally don't have a single Super armor in pre awakening OR FG besides block), we rely on C swapping, poking in with an attack and immediately using chase, and Q Spam. These all drain our stamina. Now put these Stamina consumptions in a long term fight on lets say A warrior, Dk, Striker in open world. Not even 1v1. In 1v1 I'd like to say musas are pretty decent. In open world, We end up getting our stamina drained to 0 in super armor trades just because of the skills we are required to use. Also, In a real work scenario, 9 times out of 10, it takes 70% of our stamina to catch up to these classes and then when we start attacking, we get drained to 0. What sense does it make that you can kite the supposed FASTEST class in the game?"

Solution Blind thrust, Carver, Twister, Counter assassination, SHOULD NOT COST STAMINA PERIOD. a reduction wont solve this issue. Our class is getting gimped by stamina in mobility and super armors because Musa relies on primarily CHASE to stay safe. I am also going to argue that Stamina cost on Chase does not belong either. When a warrior, DK, and striker can out run me in every scenario and I can never catch up and if i attempt to chase, This class no longer becomes the class. Musa right now is like the fat fast guy. Runs fast but tired quickly. This is a core mechanic of Musa in open world PVP that has been completely destroyed with the release and balance tweakings of other classes.

CD Reductions: We don't need these. Our Cooldowns are fine. this is QOL and doesn't help progress our class period. We do NOT have cooldown issues.

What i am questioning currently is this buff "Gave forward Gaurd on Flow: Backflow." Not sure if this is an accurate description, This skill has Super armor. Did this get nerfed from Super armor to FG? Not sure. I don't want to comment on this until there is real confirmation.

"Raised Base AP And evasion in PVE".

A 250/283 Musa can't farm Pila Ku. Raise Our accuracy in PVE too. We can't farm certain spots that othe classes can grind unless we get some ridiculous gear. Balance this out. A 170AP Striker can burst down a Cadry elite faster than a 220AP Musa Can because strikers have 100% accuracy on some skills. Which is unbalanced and plain stupid.

"Reduced Evasion in PVP" I hope to god this isn't true. We are right behind tamer in terms of taking magic damage. We already die too quick. We don't die as quickly as tamer, but a DK wiz/witch/sorc or any magic damage we do take significantly more damage from, especially through our super armors. You need to balance this. The current meta for musa (according to hidden evasion data mines), was that musa was pretty high up there on the base evasion List, which is great. So the meta was to build high CC resis to never get knocked down which works well. but if you take away some of our evasion I'm honestly scared.


Match PVE accuracy to Striker or wizard/witch. And improve our damage a little bit.

Do not tamper with our base evasion kit. It's good enough as it is, fix the damage we are taking from magic based attacks, And I suggest you fix that for tamer too because it doesn't make sense. Musa should be a Fast class with glass cannon that can die quickly, but not too fast. As thats what the class use to be.

Add Super armors and frontal guards to some of our pre awakened skills.

Add them to: Blooming, Rising Storm, Blind Thrust, Dragon Bite /claw/slash chain.

Give CrossCut a Forward Gaurd when used on cooldown because we have to use Crosscut in order to get into backflow, so it automatically puts a hole into literally, ALL of our combos. Where as other classes do not have silly holes like this.

Give us Tiger blade +Awakening cancel again.

Slightly Improve PVP accuracy and AP.

And these changes wont entirely break our class, it will balance it. Don't make this class op asf and worsen balance. BALANCE it.

I want to make a musa podcast as well. If you are a musa and want to voice your concerns, please message me on Discord as I will be making a video. Enough is enough. we need real changes to our class. @Purify9168 Add me and message me.

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    Dec 07, 2017 7:30 am

    Just Play Warrior. Atleast its usefull.

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    Dec 07, 2017 4:30 pm

    I think you meant rework is a joke and isn’t enough. I agree we need a real fix. Like give us some way to do something about the classes that have a block that also gives them super armor. Just some way to do something about that to where we have some kind of chance fighting those classes.

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