Diablo III

First two weeks S12 Hardcore

So was about to write a week ago but time flies.

You ripped in HC? you got a late start? there is still plenty and plenty of time.

We had a very good start, hooked up with ppl that knew how to play and 2wd+2dh hit 70 in 2:24 by far my most rapid season start, lvl reduced 70 weapons were huge (one of the dh dropped an off class garg ring for me at 68).

The powercreep is real, saturday as in day 3 we did 4man 96 (I then ripped my firebat in 97), arachyr firebat 3 anc pieces no augs.

I still haven't done barely any bounties (3 I think for rorg) and played with what I've found, db crafted or Khadala gave me.

Hours of gr100 grind and some with 75's, depending on whats available and what friends are online.

After almost precisely the first week I hit 1k paragon (playing a LOT but full 8 hour sleep, eating, making the food myself shopping etc).

There were a lot more rips week 2, from dc's, firebat lag in 100+ and stupidity (I've been lucky after my first however).

Managed a scary early solo 80 with firebat and a not as scary 90 garg solo the second week, jade is geared but I havent bothered yet (also a bit shitty at it).

We found a very chill HC setup using necro supp as 4th player with firebat/barb/monk, makes room for inexperienced monks or crappy geared ones.

Yesterday I did a pub HC gr90 4man with one supp, didn't see that coming.

I see a LOT of Barb and DH dps and a good amount of sage leeching in t13.

Surprisingly few wizards considering how good they are, the bell monk is less common in HC, ppl complain that it's squishy I also haven't seen many crusaders.

Had one really crazy item drop in a Primal traveler amu (had to roll cc so int/10/100), still it's HC so have to live with the thought that it can easily be gone tomorrow.

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