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Season 10 and Primal Ancient FAQ
  • In order for Primal Ancients to drop, you need to complete a GR 70 SOLO.

  • If you've completed a GR 70 prior to patch 2.5 on non seasons, it is retroactive, meaning you do NOT have to complete a GR 70 again. This applies for all game modes.

  • This means, in non season mode, doing a GR 70 on ONE character will make ALL non season characters eligible.

  • If you're playing HARDCORE, you must do the GR 70 on HC as well! Same applies, one clear on one character will make ALL HC characters eligible. PER season (if you're playing seasons)

  • For SEASONS, the same process applies. However, for each NEW season, you will have to do another GR 70. *ie: Season 10 ends, and Season 11 starts, you will have to do it again for Season 11*

  • There is NO achievement or notification you will receive upon GR 70 completion, if you are unsure, check the leaderboards for solo (insert your class here) and the top right will display your current best. Alternatively, it is also worth mentioning that if you have a blood shard capacity of at least 1,200 (mouse over your blood shards at the bottom right of your character inventory) that is another indicator you have completed a GR 70
  • For season 10, ALL classes will be viable for GR 70 completion. There are some that have a slight edge over the other, but play what looks the coolest to YOU

  • YES set items can roll primal

  • This process is EXACTLY the same for console players

  • And no, there is no release date or price announcement for the Necromancer pack
  • Gear checks are one thing, but please refer to the SIDE BAR links to your right, including the class sub reddits.

If the mods keep this sticky up, we can all suggest edits as new patches, seasons, and changes become available. That is why the title isn't specifically tailored towards one specific topic. Message me with logical add ons

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