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I've searched, but couldn't find a good, up-to-date list of ways to get rid of worlds that you don't want (see: all those 10-tile planets you got from wars). So here's all the ways I've discovered (and tested) in version 1.8.3.


  • Purging the planet population whether it be displacement, extermination or processing. Quick, reliable, provokes the rage of xenophile neighbors and not available to every ethos, sadly. Note that RESETTLING DOES NOT WORK: Game simply doesn't let you move the last pop away.

  • Lowering the habitability of a planet to <20% for every species currently on it. Can be done via terraforming or genetically modifying the pops to a mismatching preference. Longer, but available to most empires and doesn't get you labelled a genocidal maniac.

  • Pretty much every crisis enemy loves to eat some planets. Not a very good method as they find both useful and useless planets equally tasty.

  • Other methods that I haven't tested, but might work: Enticing your pops to migrate away by making some other planet more attractive to migrate (via buildings or edicts); resettling every pop other than robots and then dismantling them; leaving only 1 pop on the planet and starving your empire (potentially very bad idea).

Mods (may require DLC):

  • Expanded Ascension Perks has several. Deep Core Mining is an edict which lowers a planet's habitability in exchange for additional mineral deposits; Planetary Consumption (Hiveminds) lets you instantly eat a planet for breakfast at the cost of 100 influence; Forge Worlds and Machine Worlds change habitability and thus can be used to remove certain pops, but are quite expensive.

  • Plentiful Traditions has Planetary Eruption on completion of the Industry tree, which blows up the planet for some minerals (fun fact: doesn't count as genocide!). Some other trees unlock several habitability-lowering edicts that can be repeatedly used to render planets uninhabitable.

  • Doomsday Weapons was made with express purpose of letting you blow up planets with big ships. Said ships, however, are expensive and late-game oriented.

  • Many mods that expand planet types also add some very low-compatibilityexotic worlds. Modifying the pops on the undesired planet to have exclusive preference for something like ammonia atmosphere (0% habitability outside of the type) lets you displace them from pretty much everywhere.

If you have any ways to remove planets that aren't in this list feel free to add. I want this thread to be a good reference for people looking up ways to decolonize planets.

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