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Cremation – some in depth thoughts

Combo abilitys in PoE can work great or totally blow. Essence Drain + Contagnion works great, Frostbolt + Vortex/Ice Nova is literally never used together.

In Cremations case we need to combo a corpse generating skill (or use already dead enemys) with the skill. I don´t think it will be a great clearskill at all nor a good bossskill, but more about it later.

First the basics

  • fast base castspeed with 0.6 sec
  • 5% crit and 50% dmg effectiveness
  • high duration with 8sec
  • limited to 3 geysers
  • has 2 parts that deal damage. One is a 4% life corpse explosion which doesnt benefit from spelldmg and the other part are projectiles which should be affected by spelldmg

Which is the most interesting part of the skill?

The duration of 8sec. add a duration gem 20/20 for 13.92 sec duration, even more with duration nodes on the skilltree.

This has potential for bosses, either as a additional damage source in a 4 link (+pseudogems/essencemod) or for utility

Where will it suck?

for mapping and as a mainskill.

The area isn´t great + the damage is mainly delayed in random areas. On top it needs a corpse setup before that. I see no good reason to use it over something like firestorm to clear.

Also covering a big area with spread geysers (like top left, top right and middle of the screen) also requires multiple casts of corpse generating skills. Sounds clunky.

For bosses as a mainskill its suboptimal with the limit of 3 geysirs.

How would i use it?

In builds that have room for a extra damage setup + a single socket for corpse generation and duration nodes.

Is it worth it? maybe, maybe not. In something like a firestorm build i could see a use of it.

Cremation can potentially deal a lot of dmg over time in bossfights. Place and forget.

the other case is utility. Basicallly the Orb of Storms treatment. Thats where i would see myself using it (if at all).

As in the first excample it still needs a gem for corpses. Some cwdt lvl 1 + desecrate + immortal call + duration for excample or selfcast.

The long duration and frequent hits work well for:

  • Elemental Equilibrium. Long duration and frequently hitting skills work great for that keystone. Alternative to OoS if lightning dmg is used. Obviously bad for the main EE usage atm (fire degen like rf/sr)
  • Malachais Artifice. 8sec duration of the skill + 5sec EE duration for potential 13sec 37,5% resist reduction for cold/lightning dmg can be really good
  • curse on hit setup
  • blind support
  • life leech support to recover life while doing nothing
  • Power charge on crit support
  • as a reliable trigger for Elemental overload
  • Knockback. Sounds stupid, but 3 geysers on top of the character could create a safezone against any melee :X
  • culling strike support + IIR
  • arcane surge support
  • in self ignite setups?
  • other shenanigas i don´t have in my mind at this moment

It literally does the same as Orb of Storms with the downside that it needs corpses and deals fire dmg (not great for fire degen builds), but the upside of a significantly higher duration which also scales better with duration nodes/gem.


I see Cremation mainly used on bosses or other tough encounter for Utility setups or as a second damage source (similar to warchief totems).

For mapping it looks too clunky with doubled delay (corpse generation + projectile traveling) and limited randomized area of effect.

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