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Considering Rerolling, any advice?

So, in short, I've played a maehwa for maybe a year now, (probably less, wasn't keeping track). I've hit level 59, pvp'd done node wars etc. but, just finally got bored of the class. So that raises the question, how would I go about re-rolling?

The main issue I'm having right now is this ; "If I were to reroll, how would I get the other classes boss weapons?" Now, luckily, I only have a Kzarka Blade, no dande or nouver, however, if I were to sell that blade, what would I do for my new class? Getting my kzarka blade took around a month of straight bidding, (which is expected,) but what would I do with the new class? Buy a TRI Bares main-hand and then sell it once I win a bid? Also, I don't exactly have that much money, so if I really do re-roll, I don't want to screw myself over. I'm not worried about accessories and what not, just what would be the best way of transfering my weapons from one character to the other? (I.e; how would I get that other classes' weapons)

Any ideas? My main problem is that I don't want to impulsively sell all of my Maehwa's gear only to realize I can't get anything good for Sorceress (the class I may want to re-roll).

Edit : Also some more background information, I'm not really worried about weight and invent. space etc. I did put a decent amount onto my Maehwa (getting space and weight), but it really isn't my biggest concern at the moment.)

Thanks in advance, – yin

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