Diablo III

Come hang out with me.

It always feels awkward telling people about your stream, but I hope a few of you may help be awesome members of the community we're building in my Chat. If you haven't already cursed at me and down voted for bring up my twitch, please read what I'm about.

My Twitch Handle is ThaPchild. My stream is Primarily Diablo 3 rarely will branch out to other games. I focus on helping the community, and promoting positivity. Can be anything, a 1 – 70 season power level, GR 70+ carries seem to be the most common request. It creates a misconception that you have to "need" a carry to come hang out, and that's not the case at all. If you play with me and you're geared we can push higher GRs for those we're carrying… but I do like to GR farm, and push ladders as well.

Many of my community members are forming tight bonds, and even while not playing with me, they are grouping up together and slaying all the things.

We have a clan that's super active, and a community that's active and growing as well.

My schedule is super consistent and you can find me at these times. Monday – Thursday: 9pm CST Friday: 6pm CST Sat & Sunday: I will stream both days, times vary dependent on family schedule. They need lovin too. Usually Late Evenings.

I will tweet shortly before I go live. I don't spam twitter with random BS, just stream information. @thapchild

Check out my latest stream VOD if you want to see if I'm someone you might enjoy hanging out with, or catch my stream tonight.

Hope to see you guys and gals soon!


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