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Changes I think would be good in the next patch

I think this patch was great, adding a lot of variety in the build you can run for higher content. However, there are still some auto include items that I think should be changed/nerfed to increase the build possibilities. I have in mind 2 specific items that are core on 90% of dps builds that I think should be changed a bit.

Convention of Elements: This item is just too good to be skipped on any non Zdps hero. +50% average dps, +67% on necro. As we only have 3 slots for rings including the cube, having 1 auto include reduces greatly the combination possibilities we could have. My suggestion would be either a general stat nerf on the item or simply make the rotation go through all 6 elements regardless of the class. Then CoE would be a 33% damage increase and would bring a well deserved nerf to necro compared to other classes. It would be mostly used in classes that have multiple elemental damage sources and still be viable for other builds, while not being auto include in every single one of them.

Bane of the trapped: This gem is also problematic, being used by pretty much every build. Same as CoE, I think it needs either general nerfs or to be made more specialised. To specialize it, just make it so the slow aura from the gem doesn't proc its damage buff. Then the trap becomes great on builds that cc enemies and forces other builds into using less used gems.

Of course the general power of every build would have to be scaled up slightly or difficulty down otherwise no one would be able to clear the same GR levels they were previously able to. If you think some other items should be changed to encourage more build variety or don't agree with my choices discuss in comments!

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