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Beta theorycraft: Unarmed Doryani’s fist MoM+Aegis Hierophant

Hey exiles!

Ever since it has been made known that in 3.0 Doryani's fist will actually give us the popularly called "touch of god skill", I've been very eager to test a build out and maybe do it in the beta. I'd be eager to hear any other input into the potential of Doryani's in general or my build idea in particular.

So here's the thought process:

  • By going Hierophant and specing into the "Illuminated Devotion" point, we can effectively make a 6-link "touch of god" build, since it will give us 40% increased AoE to skills from our gloves.

  • While going Hierophant, it would be a pity not to use his other strengths, which is a lot of Mana (since we obviously won't be using totem skills). So the 2nd part of the build is going for MoM on the tree (not using Cloak of Defiance for reasons I will explain later).

  • I just love block builds, especially ones revolving around Aegis Aurora. Hierophant gets a decent amount of extra ES, plus, we can get several extra armour and block nodes nearby (although not that many), which makes this a viable idea IMO. With a medium-rolled Rumi's and a Stone of Lazhwar, we can get around 54/42% block, which is a pretty nice boost to survivability.

  • For our chest piece, we wouldn't be using Cloak of Defiance, as that would significantly reduce our armour. Instead, we'd be using a rare with high armour, life and res. This also enables us to use a single target skill as a 2nd 6-link (not sure which one yet, though).

  • Finally, the links in the gloves would look something like this: the new Elemental Damage with Attacks + Elemental Focus (because we will one shot trash packs anyway, IMO, so no need for shock) + Lightning Penetration + Added Lightning Damage or myb Conc Effect if our AoE is enough.

This would be the tree:

Let me know what you think, I hope I'm not the only one excited about the potential of the new Doryani's fist 🙂

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