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Made by Pod BOGPH 2nd Administrator, September 22nd 2017. <- Link, This is a one time post to get moderation off my back. Comment as you will.

Hello, It's me Pod here, You currently asked a very good question on what we can offer other than what currently (Specific discord help channels support via class perspective) can offer. We here at BOGPH Give a better one on one type chat as it is a small community it is very easier for us to respond and help as people trust moderators+ are very very active(NoLife) they believe in this more than masters or even level 60 61 players because they feel a sense of trust within the community than any other player, Let me ask you would you ask the opinion of a player you have never seen in combat or is not very good in combat or just in your opinion not very well structured around their class(Regardless of being given any rank or stream). Differently, from multiple other specific class discord channels, we can give a very quick and helpful response from our staff for mainly new Olivia players where we don't tell people to go see FAQ or guides or etc(Not only the sorc discord plenty more). We simply explain whats in the guide link them the guide than saying how it is useful or not useful(Simple). It's not that the people of other communities feel that they cannot be helped but they feel as if they are not wanted nor needed and feel uncomfortable within those discords, here we make it a family environment and are very strict on debates and how they are run the minute an argument starts we will let it run for at least twenty to thirty seconds to tell if it's a debate and or argument if an argument it will be stopped(Not by banning not by threatening) No reason to makes people unhappy, We will just tell them lets stop this conversation and go unto another one so they do not feel it is solely directed towards one or the other person. We also don't just talk about gear(As the title implies) We do talk about other ways to improve our life skilling and or way to make money in the game as some of our moderators have billions of coin varying from EU to NA(Looking for SA,KR staff currently who speak English). We also write our own guides for the community to help and support our own endeavour I know most people player wise help in those specific class discord channels but most people who join ours don't even know how to play or want to know how to play and to be honest those discord channels don't have the time nor want to deal with a new level 45 etc. So we babysit and support. True if we do gain more people it would be a struggle but we have simple ways to support this by gaining more staff (Trusted) As no one wants to see the destruction of a supportive community.

~ Pod BOGPH 2nd Administrator

This has been read through and corrected, Please read through and consider us. Thank you.

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