The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

As a Mad Phantom, I’ve finally found my niche!

Over the past few weeks, I've been invading a lot. A lot. And I've come to enjoy it immensely, gathering tongues and taking names in equal measure – not to mention getting my teeth kicked in more times than I can count. But yesterday I decided to go for the Vertebra Shackles instead, and thus began to stalk Lothric as a mad phantom. And honestly, it is fantastic!

Call me sentimental, but I find it rather charming that as a mad phantom, I only have to defeat so many blues before I get to wave a cheery farewell to the host, and leave them well enough alone, alive and embered to continue their quest while I saunter off with my shackle in tow. As a mad phantom, I also wind up in the middle of crazy free-for-alls when I invade in Upper Irithyll, and the way I can choose sides at a moment's notice is not merely fun, it is liberating. I'm mad. I don't have to play by your rules. And if the host is someone worthy of admiration, I am just as happy hanging around to help him kill invaders as I am fighting him. Anything to get my shackles, and shackles I most certainly get. Not that I play the turncoat, mind; it never pays to fight your allies, no matter how temporary. But I can jump onto any side that I feel is worth it, sometimes to even the odds against a gank, sometimes to assist the gank because, honestly, why the fuck not? There is no honor in invasions, there are no rules. PvP is chaos, and no one proves that more than us mad fuckers who etch the vertebra upon their hearts.

Not to mention that mad phantoms actually have an incentive to fight in fight clubs beyond the obvious bragging rights

So how about it, invaders? Why not climb into the cage and become Nana's Shade?

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