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Advice on Follower for HIGH Solo Grs (105+)

I keep switching back and forth. On GR102 my first win I used my templar. On GR103 my first win I used my scoundrel. On GR104 my first win I used my enchantress…lol

I didnt do this by "choice" Kept struggling to complete; then decided to change up followers and beat it no problem.

What is your go to follower for a DH Shadow ?

What about the gear setup? I keep switching that around to.

I've been alternating between:

Templar: Sometimes Thunderfury Sometimes EuJangdo Sometimes Fulimar. (Fulimar seems to be vastly underrated; it worked perfect while wearing Ancient Parthanons as it keeps people stunned rather than just 1 second of stun; as it turns em into a lightning rod shockin everyone around em. Turned entire mobs into DR madness. Was great on 102. Attempted same thing on 103/104 but my Damage output was suffering without Strongarm) Shield: FoD ~ Is there even another option? I feel like there is but…if so I have forgotten it. FoD Doesnt seem to provide me any benefit. I never see him freeze anyone; despite having a +50% block chance. Probably bc they are unfrozen almost immediately Rings: Occulus and either Wydhard w/ TF or Ful or either Pandemonium Loop or Band of Hollow Whispers with Eujang. Tried justice lantern; didnt seem to help much. Amy: Overwhelming or Ess of Johan. I like Ess more.

Enchantress: Always Sultan of Blinding Speed with a Light roll. Am I right on this? The blind seems to be useful. Am I crazy?

Rings; Wydhard and Occulus Amy Ess

Scoundrel Buriza 2 Pierce high freeze 7% AS and Area hit. Rings: Occulus and Band of Hollow Whispers Amy: Overwhelming Desire due to pierce / multishot this seems better than Ess. Not 100% about that though.

Yea yea I know; scoundrel sucks! No he doesnt saying I cleared 103 with him :l Due to my high crit chance (62% + 10% while in BtT) I constantly get the damage bonus from him. And hes freezing stuff all over the place with my buriza.

On Enchantress I dropped AS Aura (only 3%) for Hex. Seems much more useful.

Does anyone have any suggestion on what you might do differently? I literally change something every day on them. Cant find the 'perfect' setup.

Lastly: Should I even have area hit on the followers? Does this affect things like Burizas freeze or anything else? Should I just stick with CDR/Attack Speed instead?

Thanks for the input.

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