The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A small rant/idea about the Farron GS

So, ever since my first playthrough maining this weapon, I've had some very mixed feelings about it. Every now and then I find myself going back to it, and starting to feel underwhelmed pretty quickly. All memery aside, I love the idea of a heavy weapon like this that's more about tricky spacing and mobility than about just standing your ground and being an unflinching juggernaut.

Recently I've been messing around with sellsword twinblades for the first time (which I'm quickly falling in love with due to their insane mixups and combo potential) and it made me realize why the farron gs could never live up to my expectations of this playstyle – it has no way of fluidly chaining attacks. I'll never understand why FROM gave this thing the worst parry in the game for its "weapon art," when this has nothing to do with how the watchers even fight you or how the weapon invites you to play. Yeah, one parries another in that cutscene, that's it. Not only that, it actually has even less basic attacks than other paired weapons, due to a lack of a running/backstep l1. Factor in that it's rolling l1 has horrendous tracking, and it's third l1 is arguably the most useless and punishable move in the game, and this thing really feels super limited, especially for a paired weapon.

The move that's on my mind is the quick double slash with the dagger that the watchers use in their combos. This could've been used in a similar way to the spinslash weapon art. L2 does a quick double slash with the offhand dagger (using a small amount of FP), which can combo into the second r1 or l1, or can be followed with an r2 to do a forward moving lunge, similar to the one the abyss watchers use, for a greater amount of FP. Something like this would really make the weapon super fun and interesting to use, without making it overpowered, as it would still suffer all of the drawbacks of a one handed UGS and require a quality build to even do decent damage.

Anyway, excuse the rant, but it's been bugging me recently how much lost potential there is in this moveset. Does anyone else have a weapon like this that they consistently try to love, but just can't get over some glaring oversight that undercuts the playstyle it suggests, or just feels lackluster where you see potential?

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