Grand Theft Auto V

A bunker is the most worthless piece of shit I’ve ever purchased.

Posts on Reddit say that it’s best to purchase supplies and spend time working on more lucrative opportunities. So I do. $75,000 dropped on supplies. All focus on producing stock, no research. Once supplies run dry, my stock is worth $50,000 in Blaine County and $75,000 in Los Santos.

You’re telling me I sunk about $1.5 million into something that will either give me a loss or break even? What the fuck is that about.

My bunker has no extras, apart from security. I’m not gonna plough another million+ to even double my return. My medium warehouse triples my investment, and exporting high end cars increases my investment five-fold. I’m told that unlike warehouses, the price does not even increase as the stock level increases. So the base level bunker, at $1.5m (or whatever it is), does nothing of any value money-wise? I’m strictly talking profit here, not research; that’s valuable but not my concern here.

I know you get a bonus for delivering in a larger session, but only a couple of grand. Not even close to worth the stress.

Honestly this is ridiculous. Please tell me I’m not the only one with extreme buyer remorse?

And I’ve tested this several times. Sell stock, buy full new supplies at $75,000, sell stock at breakeven price. I know stealing stock will give profit, but at the price of the bunker even buying stock should warrant something back. Agent 14 does say “remember, buying stock means less profit”. Not no profit…

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